Wood Chippers

wood chipperWhen cutting trees, the best device to use are wood chippers. Wood or tree chippers are actually machines which are specially used for cutting wood. They are often portable and they are designed with mounted wheels connected to frames. The frames are designed so that the machine can be carried through truck or van. An internal combustion engine is used in order to power the machine. The power level of the combustion engine can be around 3 to around a thousand horsepower, depending on the size of the chipper. A separate engine with a hydraulic crane is often mounted to increase the power of the chipper.

What tree chippers are made of

Tree chippers are made of a collar and a hopper and they are mechanized with a combustion engine. A tree limb is placed inside the hopper and they are cut through the chipping process. The chips are then released through a chute which is found directly on the mounted container. However, some chippers have an open chute which will propel the remains of the wood onto the ground. The resulting chips are used for various products including papermaking or for recycling purposes.

Some tree chippers rely on large combustion engines in order to function well. They are often connected to a heavy flywheel and the chipping blades are mounted on the flywheel. The flywheel is accelerated through either the combustion engine or through an electric motor. However, for large tree chippers they often require grooved rollers in the throat in order to feed funnels. Once they are gripped by the rollers, the rollers transport the branch of the chipping blades at a very fast rate and they can cut through large chunks of wood.

Various types of Tree chippers

One of the most common types of chippers is known as the high torque roller which is specifically for residential use. This type of shredder is controlled by an electric motor which is quieter than in large chippers powered by internal combustion engines. This type of cutter is also considered as self feeding and dust free. Since the machine is self feeding, it already has an anti-jamming feature which prevents the rotors from being locked by any debris. Aside from the high torque roller, another commercial wood cutter is the drum. The drum chipper consists of a steel drum powered by an electric motor. The drums are connected to a belt and they serve as the feeding mechanism. Once a material is dropped to the drum, it gets chipped and it is released to a special chute. Chippers of this type might pose to have safety issues since they do not have locking mechanisms.

The newer versions of high torque rollers and drum chippers are designed with digitally controlled reversible feed wheels as well as some muffling systems in order to reduce the noise. The reversible feed system allows the chippers to handle larger types of wood and other materials. New models can carry a capacity of about 15 to 50 cm. Another effective chipper used today utilizes several steel disks which are equipped with knives. The knives are inside the chipping mechanism and they are reversible through the use of hydraulically powered wheels.

The wheels draw the wood from the hopper towards each disk. As the disk rotates, the knives can cut through any type of material. The remains of the wood are then thrown out of the chute through the flanges of the drum. The disk type design of the tree chipper makes it very energy efficient and it creates chips which are equal in both size and shape. For larger types of wood, whole tree chippers and large recyclers are used. Such machines can cut up to 6 feet of wood and they are often a combination of drums and disks.

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